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Thai Wedding Ceremony

A traditional Thai wedding ceremony with Buddhist monks to chant a blessing, usually from the auspicious hours of 9:30am until noon.

- Wedding ceremony with five monks
- Lunch and donation for the monks and temple coordinator
- Bouquet for the bride and corsage for the groom
- Garlands for the bride & groom
- Floral gate at entrance, decorations for the blessing ceremony and flowers in the bedroom
- Long drum procession to the venue
- Wedding cake and a bottle of champagne
- Private Romantic Dinner for two with including sparkling wine
- Traditional water pouring ceremony for bride & groom
- Champagne breakfast in bed

These extras to make your wedding that more memorable are also available:

- Photography (CD album)
- Wedding Video (DVD Video)
- Makeover and hair styling for both
- Wedding Dinner (venue and menu can be arranged after arrival)

Things for Bride & Groom to prepare:

- Wedding dress / attire
- Wedding rings
- Measurements of the Bride & Groom for the wedding costumes must reach the hotel at least four full working days before the wedding day.
- Passports
- Letter or document of certification from bride and groom's embassy(ies) indicating their wish to get married in Thailand, including personal details: names; addresses; nationalities, as well as parent's names and nationalities.
- Divorce document (if previously married)
- All documents need to be translated into Thai Language
- All documents need to be endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok

*** Please note that the above is not a legally recognized ceremony. Prices are subject to 10% service charge and applicable TAX. ***

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