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The Lotus Facial Treatment

Treatment that cleanses and improves the complexion of the face using products that best suit a particular skin type, may include gentle exfoliation, steaming to open pores for extraction, application of a facial mask and moisturizer, and a facial massage. Types of facials include aromatic, oxygenating, whitening and deep cleansing facials.

The ultimate in deep cleansing facials includes cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage, and a combination of two facial masks. Especially designed to refresh and nourish your complexion. Recommend for all skin types.

This purely natural aromatic face treatment oil soothes and calms the skin. It also helps regulate moisture balance.

You don't have to age gracefully or even apparently! Counteract the aging process with this proven-effective advance treatment specifically formulated for men. Rejuvenating and repairing collagen replenish skin while counteracting aging aggressors. Visibly resurfacing, this mask promotes healthy, youthful skin.

Formulated for dry and dehydrated skins, this dual action treatment nourishes and hydrates the driest of skin. Using the purest active ingredients and essential oils from plants, this facial smoothes fine lines and diminishes wrinkles. Its long-term effectiveness reinforces the epidermis to be better equipped to combat aggressive climactic conditions. This powerful treatment restores skin's activity and increases the absorption of concentrated ampoule specifically chosen to suit your skin type.

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